Below are the downloads for Age of Conquest IV, the latest installment of the game. If you are looking for Age of Conquest III, you can download it from our legacy binaries page.

Direct Downloads

Please download the game directly from our website.

  Platform Download
Windows XP+ installer_win64.exe (142MB)
installer_win32.exe (136MB) (140MB) (134MB)
Mac OS 10.7.3+ bundle.dmg (151MB)
Linux OS portable_amd64.tar.gz (141MB)
portable_arm.tar.gz (138MB)
portable_arm64.tar.gz (139MB)
portable.tar.gz (generic) (88MB)
Android 5.0+ download via:
iOS 9.0+ download via:

3rd Party Downloads

Feel free to acquire the game from our 3rd party distributors.

Requirements & Patches

The game requires 512MB of RAM plus Open GL ES 2.0 support to run.

  • Windows XP+.
  • Mac OS 10.7.3+.
  • Linux OS. Contact us for problems and we'll try to fix.
  • Android OS 5.0+. Works great on tablets also!
  • iOS 9.0+ and amd64 or higher. Works great on tablets also!

The game dowloads the latest updates and patches for PC, Mac and Linux automatically. Make sure you are connected to the internet when you startup the game to get the latest version.